Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Couple Traveling: 10 Steps to Make it Amazing

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1. Plan your vacation in advance

Being spontaneous is cool – if you pick the right moment to be spontaneous. If you wanna travel to a place you’ve never been, I suggest you plan everything ahead. You will be in charge not only of yourself but of your significant other as well. That’s why you should approach it more responsibly.

2. Choose your destination together

In fact, many couples face this problem: one partner wants to spend a shopping week in Paris while other just dreams of a calm vacation by the sea. For new couples, it may be difficult to reach the compromise. Know your lover’s tastes and convey your preferences to him/her!

3. Divide your responsibilities

No one can be good at everything. Neither can you and your beloved one. The whole process becomes much easier if different parts of it are run by different people. Decide who picks the spots to visit, who search for cheap business class deals, who looks for a hotel etc.

4. Set your budget

Even if you don’t belong to the category of travelers “on a budget”, it is always better to have an understanding of your finances. Another important factor is bill splitting – some people aren’t used to it. Are you about to pay for everything together? Or someone is gonna pay for food and another one for accommodation? These questions should be clarified before you go.

5. Don’t let your work restrict your fun

It is pretty hard to keep yourself away from managing your urgent business tasks but you will have to. A romantic vacation should bring two lovers even closer, not separate them because each of partners is more interested in his/her laptop than in what’s going on around.

6. There’s nothing wrong about being cheesy

You won’t have a better time for being cheesy so take your chance. Hold hands in public, kiss, hug, and show affection in other pleasant ways. Otherwise, a trip to a romantic gateway loses a certain part of its preciousness. Avoid hanging out in too crowded places and save more time for intimacy.

7. Let all the negative stuff fade away

Positivity is another key to success. Things often run out of plans; don’t expect your vacation to be flawless. Your own attitude to different events is what really matters. Perceiving this all with the light heart, you start seeing the world in a new light.

8. Create the special atmosphere

The only fact that you two go to some special place doesn’t mean the romance will come from above. Do things to amaze your beloved one! Carve out some time for just the two of you and set a date – on the mountain summit or on the beach, choose what suits you the best. Just make it meaningful.

9. Make it a bit unpredictable

Let your partner be unaware of some surprises you prepared! Order his/her favorite foods and organise a dinner, visit an off-beaten attraction, or think out anything else. By the way, a romantic trip is a wonderful time to propose if you wish to take your relationship to a new level.

10. Collect memories

Souvenirs are judged to be too banal by many people yet they help you preserve the greatest moments of your life. Purchase special little things to associate those with particular places or events – you will see how this helps to build the mutual bond.

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