Monday, February 25, 2019

Booker Clover Mini Point of Sale (POS) Solution For Your Business

Every retail business needs to be able to take payments and track their inventory. Merchant Account Solutions has the equipment you need to do this and more. Whether you need a fully-functional POS system that can run your scheduling, track your inventory and email receipts while it process your credit card orders or you just need a credit card scanner that handles EVM chip cards or a Booker Clover Mini, they have what you’re looking for.

When you pay for your morning coffee or sandwich, groceries, buy gas or purchase a dress, you often use your credit card or debit card for transactions.  With the POS technology, the system's software uses the barcode on the label of the item you bought (or the key code for the particular entrĂ©e or drink, in the case of a restaurant) as an inventory regulation system as well as an efficient way to control the transaction. In theory, a company knows how many cups of coffee, red halter neck dress, or breakfast cereal left the storefront, and if any were returned. In addition, the POS system may speed up transactions -- which is critical in a restaurant or coffee shop, for example, where a long queue line at the counter leads to frustrated customers. 


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